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"The Pink House, where friends and family connect!"

We serve lunch Mon-Sat 11am - 2pm, dinner Tues-Sat 5pm - 8pm and tea is anytime by appointment. Phone: (918) 342-2544


Stressed about prepping for Thanksgiving? Spend more time with your family, and less time with the oven. Order a homemade pie or pie crust from us! Call us or message us to place your order!
We are closed Thursday - Saturday for Thanksgiving!
Enjoy your time being thankful.
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We are NOT closed on Mondays! NOT CLOSED. ON. MONDAYS! We would never abandon you on such a hard day of the week! Grab a friend, get some Baked Fudge and coffee, and be recharged for the rest of your workday!
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Sometimes the best remedy for the blues is to focus on gratitude. There can be much to be down about, but there is so much more to be thankful about. Practice replacing negative with positive. Practice being grateful - even through the negatives.
Thanksgiving is not the only time of the year to be thankful :)
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Happy Veterans Day! As a big thank you, Veterans eat for free both Friday AND Saturday.
Let us thank you in person, and treat you to a great lunch or dinner. <3
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Now Serving Dinner!

Tuesday–Saturday,  5pm-8pm.

Make plans to join us!

A Cup of Tea with Margo (blog)

Shake It Off and Step Up!

Shake It Off and Step Up!

One way to size up our growth as a person is to observe our response when things don’t go our way. If we fall apart at the prospect of trials or trouble in our life, then we probably have a lot of spiritual growing to do.  Read More

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