Unique Gifts for Graduates

Looking for some last-minute gift ideas? We've created a list of what graduates actually want.

DIY College/Life Survival Kits:

This can take form in many different categories:

Cleaning Kit with paper towels, Clorox, air freshener, and a broom.

Self-Care Kit with Q-tips, chapstick, Advil, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

School Supply Kit with pens, pencils, a planner, and a calculator.

Food Supply Kit with snacks, gift cards, bulk foods like Ramen, and a small cookbook.

Get creative with the packaging! Put the contents of the Cleaning Kit inside of a new trashcan that they can use in their new dorm/apartment. Pack the Food Supply Kit all inside of a brand new crockpot that they can use! Make it original and thoughtful, but most of all useful!


This is a great gift if your student is going to college away from home. Create your own cookbook full of their favorite meals from your dinner table. Keep it simple so meals can be "just like mom makes it". Fun addition: slip some gift cards to some restaurants in with the recipes just in case it turns into a disaster meal!


Although we wouldn’t say money is a super unique gift - the biggest challenge for most graduates is time management and budgeting. From juggling a new job with student loans or just starting out of high school now buying their own food, most graduates are in desperate need of some cash. We do have some unique ways to give the gift of cash: Check out this Money and Giftcard Wreath or just this Money Wreath.

Video Message or Letter

This is an all around amazing gift to add to the other, more practical gifts. It is also great if you are looking for a more affordable present. Write a letter of encouragement - telling your graduate how proud you are of them for this milestone. Show them that you support them and are excited for their journey! If you aren't into writing, record a video for them expressing your love and encouragement. Ask family members to send you clips of their praise and well wishes to put together in a big montage video!

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