5 Unique Ideas for Mother's Day!

A Mother is

Your first friend

Your best friend

Your forever friend


Doesn't your mom deserve something different this year?

These five unique ideas are great to show your mom you care.

1) Write A Letter

Mom’s love words of love and appreciation from their family. Take some time to hand-write a letter expressing your thankfulness for her.

Bonus: If you have siblings, create a little book for her that includes a collection of letters and notes from everyone that she loves!

2) Go on a Picnic

Recapture the memories of going on picnics together in your childhood. Make it special by packing her favorite snacks, drinks, and of course, dessert. There are so many cute ideas for this online so you don't have to stick with the usual PB&J sandwiches with chips.

Bonus: Pack a bluetooth speaker for some relaxing tunes, find some shade in a new place, and enjoy a change of scenery.

3) Gather the Entire Family for Her

Having all of the kids under one roof is what makes a mom’s heart full. Sometimes, the best gift you can give your mom is your time and whole attention. This can be dinner at home, going to her favorite restaurant, or doing an activity together. Set the phones down, get rid of distractions and get to know her better.

Bonus: Come up with some questions beforehand that you have never asked your mom about herself – her dreams, hopes, aspirations, or even just her favorite color!

4) Garden Together

April showers bring May Flowers! Help your mom make her front yard and garden the most beautiful it has ever been. Go with her to the store, pick out flowers, and plant them together (or for her while she relaxes with some iced tea!). Taking an interest in the things that are important to her is a special way to show her love and appreciation.

Bonus: Couple this idea with a picnic in the backyard!

5) Create a Video for Her

A video is something that your mom can hold onto forever. Express your gratitude toward her and thank her for everything that she has done for you. You can insert clips or pictures of memories you have created together, funny moments you have shared, or retell some of your favorite stories about her. Whatever you include, dig deep and speak from the heart.

Bonus: Make a collection of shorter videos from your siblings, or her family and friends expressing their love and memories to her.

Moms don’t ask for much. Sometimes, all they really want is time with their family - for everyone to be under one roof, safe and happy.

This Mother’s Day, give your mom more than a simple gift you buy from the store. Give her some of your time, your attention, and most of all, love.

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